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Server is offline until further notice.
Vax, nor me cannot do anything until Hey0 updates...
I have my own server, but it kicks people out for some odd reason.

Well...no minecraft, I guess I will update the site.
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-Finally fixed the item number, it is located in the information tab.
-Added Moderator Information
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[Admin] ColeTam
12/22/2010 07:18:51 am

Herobrine is on my server as well?
Well I have my own server, but some of you know that you cannot get on it, it keeps kicking you out with a disconnect.overflow.

So the server is pretty much Single player for me with commands and stuff...

A few minutes ago, I was playing with TNT (so fun) and decided to walk around finding a mountain to flood it.. then I saw this hole... I thought it was a few layers deep but it wasn't.

It looks like somebody cuboid it but I can honestly tell you, my server does NOT have cuboid. I have MCAdmin and I do not know how to add plugins yet (lol).

So it has to be herobrine? Or just a rare, really rare natural thing?


What do you guys think?

And No, I did not do this. I don't spend my time doing this... plus I don't have super pickaxe to go through adminium on my server ( >:( )

6/28/2012 01:04:52 pm

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