MineCraft's Friendly Server -

What we have to offer...

Our server has many great new features and are adding more if it's necessary.

- CuboidPlugin (Admins & Mods only)
- Realms (Admins & Mods need to help VIP Players)
- JumpTo (Admins & Mods only)
- Chest Protection
- iConomy
- Achievements
- Along with the basics such as setting your home, and etc which comes from the Hey0 Server Mod

This lets Admins and Mods fix griefing fairly faster than without this plugin. Along with fixing grief, we can build stuff using cuboid.

This is a great anti-grief plugin for you. If you hate being grief and you are tired of it, we will protect your land for you. Tell us where you want to build or even where your house is, an Admin or Mod will come to you setting up a sheild surrounding your area where nobody except you (and Admins and Mods) can enter, leaving out the griefers and unwanted players.

But wait, if you have a friend that wants to come in your house, ask us and we will help you set up so your friend can enter.
[WARNING] It is your responsibility of who you want to let in your house and etc. Once you tell the Admins and Mods to let this player in, we cannot change it until we type in a code to deny him.

This is a fun and fast way for Admins and Mods to move. JumpTo mainly help Admins and Mods out. If we see grief off in the distant, we don't have to walk there, we can easily point to an area and use JumpTo, to jump to where you are pointing and see what is happening.
This may also help players out, only if your hanging out with an Admin or Mod.

Chest Protection
Have you ever put valuable stuff in a chest and try to hide it but players still find it? Along with Realms protecting your area, Chest Protection will protect your chest so nobody will open and steal your stuff. Only you can open and see what's inside but if other players open it, they will think it's empty.
/CP <Name/Groups> - Allows the chest your pointing at unlock to a player or group
/CPA <Name/Groups> - Allow all the chest owned by you unlock to player and group

If you hate to explore and find blocks, don't worry! You can now buy blocks from our server store with FriendlyBucks. Almost all blocks are available in the store waiting for you to buy it!
FriendlyBucks are earned every few minutes when you are on the server. You can also earn FriendlyBucks by selling items you have in stock!

Do activities on the server and you can accomplish achievements such as break a 100 stones or wave your hand 1000 times!

Basic stuff
Hey0 Server Mod includes many features of which you can find here and most of them, we have on the server such as teleport (TP) (Admins and Mods only), setting your home (/sethome), going back home (/home), and lots more!

We are adding more features when we find new and better stuff!