MineCraft's Friendly Server -

Frequently Ask Questions

Here you will find questions players often ask in our server and hopefully this page will help cut down the questions in the server.
We will add more FAQs when we have the time.
How do I set my home?
- Simply stand where you want to 'teleport' to when you want and type "/SETHOME''. 

Can I hack on this server?
No hacks at all. Enough said.

Help! I'm stuck! How do I get out?!

- You have three ways, either type /SPAWN if you know you are near spawn, type /HOME if you set your home spawn already or if your near an Admin or Mod, we can easily teleport you out.
(Also, try /ascend or /descend to see if it helps)

What does the color named mean?

- Red Names: Administrator, they run the server and etc.
- Blue Names: MegaMods / Elite Mods - More commands, supervisors of Moderators. Help players and etc.
- Purple Names: Moderators, they help out with the server, helping players or reporting things to the administrator.
- Green Names: VIP, players with VIP are able to build and etc.
- White Names: New players, players with white names cannot do anything except explore. This is to prevent grief.

I want this colored name!!!

- Well it depends on which color you want...
- If your a white colored name and you want to get green, ask an Admin or Mod (Red or Blue names) to get VIP nicely. If your a new players (meaning you have a white name), and you want to be a blue or red name, that's a rare chance you will be.
- If your a green colored name and want to be a blue or red colored name, ask an Admin or Mod. We will see if you have the opportunity to be a mod or even an admin. We are mainly looking for players who has been on the server for a while, and see how they behave to other players.
- If your a blue colored name doesn't mean you can do anything you want. Administrators and even other blue colored names can take your Mod capability away or even VIP. We can also kick/ ban you if you don't behave.

I forgot the IP for this server! (But luckily remember this website, yay!)

( IP: // Port: 25565 )

Why is the server offline, I thought this is 24/7? Liars!!!

- If the server is offline, there can be different possibilities of why it's offline:
- Maintenance, we may be fixing or adding things to the server which means the server needs to be restarted which only takes a few seconds to a few minutes.

- Update, if Notch updates something, all servers need to be updated to sync in. So the server has to restart to get the update in which means the Administrator needs to get online and restart the server manually. Moderators cannot do anything :(

- Game crashed, on some occasions, the server may crash due to plugin mods not working properly or other stuff.

I found a griefer, what do I do!?

- If you found/find a griefer and an Admin or Mod is on, just tell us via private message us so we can check out the problem, if we find grief from the player, we will ban them immediately

How to private message : /msg <player name> <message>

I see this server has iConomy, how do I buy and sell stuff?

- Type /shop ?
- You will find the help page for the shop.

I'm still confuse!

- To buy stuff, type /shop buy <item name> <how much>
- To sell stuff, you got 2 options, sell it back to the server store or auction it off for players online.
To sell it back to the store, they buy the item half the price. So if you buy something that is worth 100FriendlyBucks, the store may buy it 50FriendlyBucks.

If you want to sell it to the store, type /shop sell <item> <how many you have>
If you want to auction, type /Auction Start <seconds> <item> <how many you have> <start the bid>

How do I earn FriendlyBucks (Money)?

- You can either earn the money by selling items you have in your inventory or stay on the server.
- 1 FriendlyBuck every 5 Minutes you stay on the server.