MineCraft's Friendly Server -

Moderator Information

  • Kicking: Kicking a player are for minor problems, giving them a warning such as misbehaving or other similar problems. 
       /kick <playername> <reason>
  • Banning: Banning a player are for serious actions such as griefing, severe misbehavior or other sever similar problems.
       /ban <playername> <reason>  OR  /banip <playername> <reason>  (/banip is to ban the player's IP)
  • [NEW COMMAND] V.I.P (also known as Building Rights): V.I.P players of whom you trust. The act of V.I.P-ing players of which you know was a griefer or other problems can lead you in trouble as well.
        /promote <playername>
  • [NEW COMMAND] Un-V.I.P (also known as taking away a player's building rights): Un-V.I.P means to strip a person from their building rights and they can no longer build or destroy things, acting like they are a guest again. Their name will turn from Green to White. Along with their name turning to a white color, all of their belongings in their possession will disappear and will no longer come back even if you V.I.P the player again. Be careful with this act and use for only appropriate times.
     /demote <playername>

                                                       Misuse of any of these powers can and may lead to sanction.
The use of Moderation Power [2.0]
     - Notices / Warnings: When becoming a mod, the chat logs will be a bit different, you will start to see warnings when player do some acts
     - Teleportation: You are now able to teleport players / teleport to players
     - Ascend/Descend: Ascending a level above you or descend a level below you
     - JumpTo: Point to a block and able to jump to it

The use of Mega Moderation Power [2.1] (ones in blue)
     - Same commands as regular moderators
     - Cuboid - Able to fix grief and spawn blocks
     - Realms - Able to protect an area and create a shield

  • Notices / Warnings: When your name turns blue, stating your a Mod, you will notice in the chat, that you will get warnings from players doing some 'illegal' actions. It will look something like <playername> is breaking <item>. This is a great feature to find griefers but this feature is VERY sensitive, meaning if you touch a block, the feature will warn you, telling that this player is breaking it. After a while, you will start to learn to ignore some of these warning as they are mostly false alarms, but if you see multiple warnings from the same person, teleport to that person but back away immediately in a safe distance so the player does not know you are watching them. Also notice that some blocks give you a warning with a light blue color meaning its not a severe problem but you should still check it out. Some warnings come in a red font meaning its in the 'blocked for sure' category and a player should never use it. Some items in the red category are T.N.T, Buckets of Lava or other similar items. 
      Examples: Vaxgeek is breaking TNT //  ColeTam is breaking glass

  • Teleportation: When becoming a moderator, you can teleport to players or have players come to you. Great little feature if you don't feel like walking to a player. Even though this is a fun feature to have, this feature can be use to watch griefers and other cases. Like stated in the 'Notices / Warning', if you think this player is causing some problem, teleport to the player. Once you type the teleportation code in the check, immediately back away from the player so he or she does not see you. Make sure your in a safe distance of which he or she does not think you are watching him or her.
      To teleport to that player: /TP <PlayerName>  To teleport that player to you: /TPHERE <PlayerName>

  • Cuboid: Cuboid is use with a wooden-shovel (Wooden-Spade). This feature is use to patch griefed area, for example if somebody made a hole in the wall, you can use that to patch the hole up. This feature can also be used for personal uses such as building a house. But beware of the problems it can cause if you over use it. Cuboid CAN crash the server if you produce a big wall or other objects. Also be careful and watch your chat as using cuboid, it will tell you if you set point A and/or B.
      Use this website to find tools and other information: CuboidPlugin

  • Realms Area Protection: Great security feature to stop griefing and other attacks. Only Moderators and Administrators can set these Realms for players and yourself. Please look on YouTube to find help or read the Realm's website for better information. 

  • Set Warp: Moderators can now set places to warp, if you have a great building you want to show off, like a house or museum, you can set a warp for players to type.
      Stand where you want the player to warp at, and type /setwarp <name>   Remember once you set a warp, you cannot delete it.

  • JumpTo: If you see something in the distance and don't feel like walking, Moderators can use JumpTo to jump to that area he or she is pointing at.
      Point at your designated area, then type /JumpTo