MineCraft's Friendly Server -
Helpful Tips
The friendly server try to keep the server safe and fun, that is our primary goal. So to make it safe, we are offering you great tips that you can use to become a great builder, be safe and just have fun!

Keep your place safe!
  • Build your house far! Find a low or non populated area to build. It may seem boring but it's safer! You get safety and lots of space!
  • Play nice with players! If your nice to them, they will be nice to you. Make them angry, they might grief your place as revenge!
  • Know who your friends truly are. Some friends may act nice and at the end, they can destroy your place.
  • Most importantly, DO NOT grief other people places. If you don't like it, what makes you think they like it?
  • Server are not responsible for grief. It is up to you to keep your place safe! We try our best to eliminate griefers!

Keep your belonging in a secure place!
  • Even though the server has chest protection, we still advise you to hide your chest somewhere in your house where nobody knows. Sometimes the chest protection plugin may be broken and/or not updated so people can go in and steal your belongings.
  • Remember that /CP <name/group> allows the chest you are looking/facing at available to the person/group you inputted in the command.
  • Also remember that /CPA <name/group> allows all the chest belong to you will be available to the person/group you inputted in the command.
  • If you have very valuable stuff, maybe keep it in your inventory. Nobody can steal your stuff that you keep to yourself!
  • Know where you are and your surroundings as when you die, and all your stuff drops. You don't want people taking it. Also remember who the person you are walking around with as he or she might steal it and not give it back. Server and the Moderators are not responsible for stolen stuff.

Keep your personal information safe!
  • Do NOT give our your house street address! You don't want a creeper ;) coming to your home!
  • Do NOT give out detailed information such as phone numbers, full names, details on how you look like and etc.
  • Our Moderator Team will NOT ask for any personal information. If do, please contact ColeTam or Vaxgeek immediately.
  • We are not responsible for what you wish to share to the world. Anything you say is up to you.

Keeping you and children safe!
  • If you feel threaten in server or on the website (such as harassment), please contact ColeTam or vaxgeek immediately.
    We will handle any harassment as best as we can. (If you are harassed, please take a screenshot of the chat to prove it)
  • Parents! If you have a child playing on this server as well, please teach them internet safety! The chat in this server is rated for mature at times! We can only handle so much and we need your help to teach your child safety!
  • Swearing is fine in the chat, but do not overly use it. Using it once in a while is fine.
  • Keep your computer in a populated place if your child uses the computer to let you, the parents monitor your child.
  • We work hard to keep the server a safe environment but can only do so much to keep it say. We need your help to make it safer!
  • Server is not responsible for what your kids learn and uses around his or her life. You are responsible to monitor his safety and what he wishes to do on the internet.

Be nice!
  • Treat players with respect
  • Be nice
  • In the end, they will treat you the same way!

How to stay alive!
  • Explore during sunrise to sunset. Never explore during night as mobs do spawn at night.
  • Always carry extra food (apple, pork, grilled-pork, & golden apple) around in case of low health.
  • As well as food, carry weapons! (sword and/or bow and arrow).
  • Swords are best for close quarter combat and bows are best for long distant combat.
  • When using the bow and arrow, remember the arrow arches when shot. So aim high so it can arch down on the enemy.
  • When night approaches, build a small shelter to keep yourself warm and safe!
  • Bring one or more friends along for more protection (One can keep guard at night while one does something else)