MineCraft's Friendly Server -

Rules for the Server

All new players are guest by default. Guest players are not allowed to build or destroy anything until they are promoted. This is one of our features to decrease the chance of greifers 

We cannot say this enough... we do NOT want hackers on our server. We want our server to be friendly and fun as well as being legit. You, as a player should never use any hacks at all. Fly Mods, Inventory Hacks, and other hacks will result in ban. If you want to hack, go somewhere else.

Do not grief other players properties. If you do not have owner's permission, it counts as grief. 

Respect other players.

Never ask to be a moderator on the server. If you want to be a moderator, apply on this website. 

If you applied, never ask when you will be accepted and/or if you got accepted. If you are accepted, you will know. Trust us.

If you think you shouldn't do it. Don't do it or ask.