MineCraft's Friendly Server -

The Builder's Grant - Runned by ColeTam

Are you a builder? Have you built something cool looking in the past? This may be the best thing for you right now! ColeTam, a moderator on the FriendlyServer decided to use his money to help other players build amazing structures. His goal is to make the server as best as possible, and we need cool buildings for new players to see and stay.

It's pretty simple and straight to the point. I see you build an amazing structure that I like, I will offer you money. You will use that money to buy more building material to build more stuff! It's just that. Simple right? Wait, whats the catch? Nothing! Build cool stuff, I give you money.


How much do I get?
Well it depends on how cool your structure is and how much I feel like giving..

How do you earn money?
Don't worry about that =P. All you have to worry about is building cool stuff that I, or maybe Vaxgeek likes.

Can I use the money for other non-building stuff?
Well, not really... but you can use some of it to buy non-building things or do whatever...just build something out of the money I give you. Any left overs, you can keep and save or do whatever.

Is it possible for me to lose my builder's grant?
Yes it is, if I find you doing other stuff with your money or misbehaving or breaking server's rule. You will be disqualified from the grant (along with other sanctions maybe).

Do I sign up or what?
I will walk around and see what people build...and we will talk from there. Probably in the near future, I will provide a form for you to sign up to place an interview/tour. If you see me on the server (I am always on the server, lol - Cole). Just give me a call and I will go to you whenever I have time.