MineCraft's Friendly Server -
This weekend and the past week has been like hell for me (Cole).
Personal Problems, A lot of school work, Had to manage and fix the forum plus the website and a lot more.

But that's nothing you have to worry about. So don't worry about me, I got this all worked out. I almost forgot about the Survey contest! lol.

So while looking at all the forms, I chose the winner at random. I closed my eyes and used the UP and DOWN control key randomly to pick a person by counting down from 10.

And the person it landed on was....

xXDoomgazeXx - Congratulations! You win 500FriendlyBucks!
Hope to see more contests soon! So watch our new official forum by clicking on the FORUM tab above!

[Admin] ColeTam
12/5/2010 04:31:14 am

Well while writing my paper, I decided to take a break and look around the Hey0 Forum, and I found this great plugin which looks cool!


Its an Auto-Restart plugin which restarts the server every X hours. It provides a warning and will restart the server which can help server lag sometimes.

What do you guys think?

Backup Fruit
12/5/2010 05:59:58 am

I think that the server should:
1. Get back up
2. Get a voice chat server

[Admin] ColeTam
12/5/2010 06:19:44 am

What do you mean Back Up?
There is no way of getting a voice chat, unless we set up a whole system and etc which would be hard.

12/5/2010 06:33:30 am

1. I think Fruit means that he wants to play on the server today, but it's down. He wants it online.

2. We could set something up with Google I believe, through their Gmail service. I've never tried it but I think it even has video chat. We could look into it. Or I also believe that AIM has a voice-chat feature. I havent logged into that in a few years, so I'm not sure.

[Admin] ColeTam
12/5/2010 06:47:13 am

Ahh, I have no control of the server, only vaxgeek does and he doesn't want me or other MMods to have access to restart the server or whatever.

I will look into this Voice Chat, I already talk to vax about this, but we can't have an in-game chat since notch don't want it yet. So you have to use external chat.

[Admin] ColeTam
12/5/2010 06:58:04 am

Just added a live Chat Room, click on the Chat tab at the top if you want to join.

Choose your name, and leave the password blank.

The room should be name "Friendly_Server"

12/8/2010 02:34:17 am


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